Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any consideration for non profit organization?

We are a socially responsible organization and try to contribute to the society in whatever way we can.We do offer special consideration to non profit organization in terms of special guidance,layouts and certain additional help depending on case to case

Do you have any product that specificaly cater to toddlers?

Yes we do have products that are specificaly manufactured for toddlers eg;toddler swing,mini slide,curve slide,etc… For your convenience we have marked these products with a ‘Toddler’ stamp in this catalogue.In addition to this ,we also have an entire range of products aptly named ‘Little Boss’ That are scientificaly devoloped to facilitate maximum enjoyment and growth for toddlers.For more information,please turn to page no.94

Are spare parts available?

Providing promt after sales is our forte and spare parts can be easily provided as and required

What about after sales services?

We believe in maintaining long lasting relationships with all our clients.A proof to our credibility is our existing client base that includes the best names across industries.We have a strong after sales service support system to cater to any part of India.For us,our customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and so we are available 24*7 even after sales for any information,help or guidance.Arihant offers free installation supervision across India.We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the play systems

Can your products be customized?

Funriders offers a perfect blend of technical expertise.precision in manufacturing and high levels of innovation.We have a dedicated design team that develops innovative desings using 3D programs .Owing to this ,most of our multy play system can be customized for your according to you prefrences,requirements and constraints.To design your multi play systems right away,please turn to page no.44-45 of this catalouge.

What warranty do you offer?

We are confident of our products and take responsibility for the same.For warranty details we request you to refer to page 4 of this cataloge

Do the product fade in color?

Playground equipments are constantly to harsh sunlight,rain,dust etc… that may result in colour fading.Knowing this,we use a mixture of special chemical that reduce the fading time once the maintenance is provided.

Do the products rust?

Our product are manufactured using Galvanized steel pipes.This ensure that changes of rusting are minimal.In addition to that,proper and timelt maintenance makes sure that the products stay in best conditions

What is the average life of your product?

We ensure our product longitivity by using best quality materials.With proper maintenance our play systems can be used for as long as 8 to 12 years

What is the general delivery time and mode?

The delivery time would very from product.Generally all orders are ready for dispatch within 21 working days.The mode of transport is selected depending on our client’s location and advice.We generally use roadways deliveries and waterways for international deliveries

Do you have any representatives?

Funriders has one of the widest networks in the industry,both domestic and global. We have over 170 Business associates that acts as touch points on behalf.

Where is the company based?

The company has its corporate office in Cochin and manufacturing plant near Muvattupuzha in Ernakulam District, Kerala, India. We are proud to say that our manufacturing plant sprawls over an area of 17,000 sq ft well equipped with our own FRP, fabrication area, tailoring area, carpentry and roto-moulding plant.

What meterial is used to manufacture the products?

We choose materials that are safe,durable and of a reputed make.Whenever possible,we take raw material quality test certificates from our vendors/suppliers. All our products are passed through a formal quality control department to ensure consistent quality levels.The 3 base materials are: Galvanized steel pipes confirming to IS:1161 and IS:1239(part 10) Fiber glass reinforced plastics made up to quality polyester resin and virgin quality standard glass. Rotational moulded plastic made up non-ageing,food grade and non-toxic materials with UV stabilizers.

What is the age group that your products cater to ?

Due to the wide range,our products are sutable for children of any age,right from 6 months to 14 years,We understand that children of different age groups find different things exciting.So,we have mentioned the best suitable age group alongside all our products.

How Safe Your Products ?

We have always considered ‘safety’ in our products as the single most important factor. To make sure that the products we provide adhere to the highest safety levels,we take it into consideration right from the stage where our products is conceived A testimony to this is that our panel members represent the Bureau of Indian standards to formulate safety standards in India

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