Buildindia is the premier provider of play equipments in India and delivering product lines that perform at the highest industry levels. When it comes to play equipments, our solutions are some of the best you will find anywhere. You can select from a wide variety of patterns, styles, and colors to brighten your play area and bring delight to children of age between 2-14yrs.


EPDM Flooring

EPDM flooring is the best quality flooring. It involves granules that are self-pigmented in nature. Thus making it last longer than the SBR variant.And they come in brighter colour shades.

SBR flooring

SBR flooring is the next best option after EPDM.Its granules are pre-coated with colour and hence the shades available are slightly darker.

Jogging Track

Artificial Grass

The artificial grass surfacing maintains the aesthetic beauty of the playground by keeping a fresh outlook even after many years. The cost effective grass flooring covers the ground perfectly even. Artificial grass has a level and soft surface that doesn’t have to be scraped or topped off. It creates an incredibly safe place for children to play.


  • It requires low maintenance
  • It provides consistent shock absorbency
  • Life cycle costs are generally low
  • Generally, no retaining edges are required
  • Beveled edges for easy drainage
  • Can be used outdoor as well as indoor

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