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What it takes to play

Children’s playing is not something that happens by chance. Nor is it meant to fill in their spare time. It belongs to every child, and occurs in all children in the world too. Games for kids is crucial, because by playing child discovers the world around him insight into events and situations. He will experience the world in the most literal sense.


The child learns through games. They respond to their need to explore, to understand, to experiment. In order to feel comfortable in learning, a child must be reassured. It is therefore important to create an environment where the game is valued and recognized as important for its physical, mental and social development.


Enabling freedom of action

Through free play, the child expresses his creativity. It can invent new rules of play, create a funny object or imagine a scenario in which characters come to life. When a child plays, it then creates a temporary mess. It would, however, be a pity to demand that everything always remain in its place, for a too controlled game is no longer one. The child’s environment should therefore tolerate movement and noise. Indeed, pleasure in the game often manifests itself in a certain excitement, laughter and pleasure.Playing outside in park is also an integral part of free play. This brings to the child new experiences: sliding, swinging, climbing etc. The exterior represents a larger space where it is possible to spend energy and feel free to move without constraints.


An outdoor playground is an integral part of play: It is specifically tailored to the needs of children to become familiar with nature and the world around them. It provides children daily opportunities to use and develop their physical skills as well as the opportunity to express themselves without any restrain. The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) asserts that outdoor play is a fundamental part of the curriculum for young children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development


Since the child’s social and cognitive development during the early years is so dependent upon play activities the importance of play equipments influencing children’s play cannot be underestimated. Historically, the majority of studies involving play equipments have been associated with the social and/or cognitive aspect of behaviors in classroom settings.




Outdoor play equipment

There are three main types of outdoor play equipments: traditional, modern and creative. The traditional outdoor play equipments are the most common play equipment comprising swings, seesaws, slides and other standard play equipments.The  modern play equipments encompasses multiplay  structures which  brings togethervarious  play apparatus like slides, swings, climbers, monkey bars etc inter-connected  insuch a  way  that  they  form  multi play equipments which are  not that numerous or expensive. Children love these modern play equipments more than the traditional ones, because these are more interesting and challenging.The creative outdoor play equipments are the play systems which comprises outdoor play equipments in a mega structure to form multi-activity play systems.This multi play systems offer potential play which promotes creativity, exploration and adventure with various play equipments. Such play equipments enable the children to form their own play objective, and provide a great flexibility. They stimulate cognitive, physical and psychical development.




Design for children

For the quality playing, and for the children’s safety, it is very important that play equipments are designed for the specific age with extreme engineering know-how. The  playground  equipment  should  not  have  any  pointed  or  sharp  elements  which  could  cut  or  pierce  the  children’s  skin.  Pointed edges or corners may occur as a consequence of the wear off or tear off of equipment. All the parts must be smooth and all the corners and edges rounded.Therefore, the play equipment manufacturer should have the engineering expertise to build play equipments with zero error in terms of the specifications. Play equipment installation and playground designing also need a great deed of expertise. Every play equipment should he placed in right place providing enough buffer space.


Children are always curious about the play equipments and the fun factor that comes in with the play equipments, so the opportunity that they get to explore outdoor play equipment in the way that they likes can lead to hours of fun and learning. Different play equipments can help child in developing theirphysical and mental skills and it can initiate body and mind work together, strengthening the relationship between the two. So there you have it! Outdoor playground equipment can stimulate development in children of all ages and sizes, ensuring they grow up to be imaginative, chatty and, above all, happy.




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