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The top ten activities to include in your playground

March 7, 2019


Ten new additions to your outdoor playground

The most highlighting feature of a playground is the uniqueness of its play equipment. The play equipment manufacturers all around the nation bring up new play techniques day by day. Here is our new set of children’s playground equipment that would definitely make any park fantastic!

Hybrid adventure Series

The cool set of equipment that encourages movement and play. Our brand new series is all set to spread the wisdom of dynamic play! The multiple activities inside the adventure zone help kids to have a healthy work out.

Commando Net

The commando Net is a fun exercise for the little ones. Children get a chance to stretch their muscles and sharpen their concentration. The climbers demand a good deal of concentration and body coordination. The vigorous climbing activity is fun as well as adventurous. Here kids are encouraged to climb up the net and climb down like a soldier.

Climbing wall

The high energy kids will definitely love this equipment to the core. Children climb the way up with the aid of holders and reach new heights of fun. Ideal for children of ages 6-11. Activities like this encourage children to seek new heights and be adventurous.  One of the finest ways to track down acrophobia too.

Spider Ball

The Exciting ball climber is all set to rock the playgrounds. Kids can climb up the ball by putting an effort!! An exciting 

Web climber

The unique addition to your playground. The web climber consists of hand grips and wider platforms. Either kids can climb up as on the climbing wall or they can use the funny net climber as well. 

Inclusive Roller Table

The roller table is a fun addition that caters to children of all abilities. It offers a sensory stimulation to their body. 

Inclusive merry go round


Let every kid get access to the playground irrespective of their abilities. Our inclusive MGR offers wheel chair access and kids get a chance to interact with their friends.

Swing go round

The wonderful swing go round is an exciting addition to children’s playground. Kids will love this new design will evoke so many happy smiles in the playground.

outdoor fitness equipment

Make your playground complete with our vast range of outdoor play equipment. Freshness of nature and fun of work out go hand in hand.

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