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Reason why children should be provided play option

May 24, 2017


Childhood has its ways of seeing, thinking, and feeling!!!!!!

Going out to a park can be exciting no matter the mood, skill level or age, and when you add children it creates a whole new level of excitement, adventure, challenge and complexity.

It is a scene that epitomises childhood: young children racing towards park, hauling themselves onto the climbers and scrambling up to the top and slide down as fast as they could, grabbing a swing and throw themselves back and forth to the maximum, getting an exciting experience of a great challenge when clutching the monkey bars and crossing it and more over plethora of fun and entertainment. No cell phones, I-Pads, computers, televisions or cinema can give such an experience.

Raising children to be dynamic, highly spirited humans who explore their world with wildness is the best part and their health the highest concern. At the end of a long day playing in the park, children are all content—which leads to a healthy generation.

Children playing in parks = calm, sleepy child inside

Consistent play activities can keep children’s minds and body engaged and that’s the point. Parks and playgrounds offer adventure, challenge, and structured fun with a vast range of play equipment and products either conventional or contemporary or even a blend of both, making children healthy both mentally and physically. Anyone can just notice such a difference if let the children spend their day in the park rather than cooped up in the textbooks or house. Let them run around, make noise, climb up, slide down, hang on to the monkey bars, discover the thrill of adventure play equipment, they explore, they fall and get up and they learn. And they’re a lot more likely to fall asleep fast at the end of a play and adventure-filled day.

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