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March 21, 2017



“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hairs messy, and your eyes sparkling” This is the best way to define play.

In fact play is the highest expression of what is in a child’s soul, it is not a luxury rather it’s a necessity. It the only way children discover themselves, starting with their fingers and toes and gradually including their whole body, their emotions and their minds. Play is not just a representation of what a child experienced but an inspired networking of impressions he has acquired and that is what is called culmination of creativeness. However play involves children doing as they wish in their own way and the playground is the optimal milieu for them to unfold their capacities and talents.

Playgrounds entice children into play as the starting point for them to generate their play activities. Play value is also important in terms of playground settings. A well designed structured playground reflects a good understanding of children’s behavior.

Playground equipment increases both the variety of playground activities as well as the activity level. Archetypal playground equipment include swings, seesaws, various slides, climbers, merry-go-rounds, spring rides, hollow tubes, hanging bridge and multi activity play systems. Significance of these outdoor play equipment is that most physical activities using these equipment require minimal adult help and thus children can play well independently.

Advantages of these playground equipment includes the tremendous diversity of available activities, the mind body flexibility created, the sense of competence instilled in children through the course of exploration as well as adventure and the skills that are learned in the process of completing tasks. Not surprisingly, research has shown that children engage in adventure play activities on playground equipment and structured playgrounds are very good in their academics.



Structured Playground

Structured playgrounds have a more important role in the physical and mental development of children than just being a discourse for play activities. Recognized as a place for informal learning outside classroom wall structured playgrounds carter not only physical skills, but social skills such as honesty, caring for others and trust which will make them stead in the community outside the boundaries of the playground.

Either indoor or outdoor, structured playgrounds are the best place for children to discover themselves, where they can test themselves and interact with others and eventually becoming themselves and molding themselves to kind of person they are and they will be. It is of no doubt that the things we learned, the experience we had, and finally the moment we live and experience makes us, and the playground is the discourse that offers these vital experiences in molding a child.






















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