July 31, 2018


Outdoor playgrounds are always open to the dust, rain and heat. The changing climatic conditions and frequent usage result in, weakening of play equipment muscles!! Safety inspections should be conducted on a regular basis to make sure that the playground is fit and safe to be used by kids. Periodic maintenance and necessary repairs can keep the play space fresh and lively for many years. The playground manufacturer often provides the maintenance services and can recommend the necessary amendments to keep the playground secure.

Security check ups for play equipment

The outdoor play equipment are prone to safety issues as they are exposed to the changing climatic conditions and frequent use.

Maintenance Check list




  1. Rusted parts of equipment

As outdoor equipment is exposed to heavy rains and moisture there are chances the metallic parts rust and damage the whole equipment. Components in the play environment should be inspected for sharp edges, points, or other injury hazards. Moving components should be checked for crush and shear hazards.

  1. Damaged / broken equipment

Kids use the playground freely and without much care. It is important to check for the broken parts and disjointed edges of play equipment that may hurt kids.

  1. Entrance and Exit pathways

The entry path and the exit way is as important as the play equipment. Being used by hundreds of children the pathways are often at the threat of damage. Especially after heavy rains and highly populated days the sandy surfaces need to be levelled back to normalcy.

  1. Slippery parts

There are chances for slippages inside the playground; on the surfaces or on the equipment. The presence of water/oil and also the damaged equipment can cause slippages which may lead to serious injuries.

  1. Faded colours or peeled off paint

Timely maintenance also aims at making the play area attractive. Check for faded colours and old equipment and renovate by giving a new colour and style.

  1. Protective surfacing

The depth of pea gravel, sand etc. must be sufficient to prevent injury when an unexpected fall occurs. If the playground uses rubber flooring make sure it is in good condition.

  1. Hazardous openings/gaps

The openings can be worrying if the distance between play equipment parts is greater or less than required size. There are chances that the frequent usage may widen the gaps which lead to accidents.

  1. Equipment Spacing

Improper spacing between different play equipment may lead to overcrowding. There needs to be ample space between play equipment in order to ensure safety.

  1. Trip hazards

Check for exposed concrete footings, deviations in surface elevations, control borders, tree roots, rocks etc. which may cause trips and falls.

  1. Age-Appropriate Equipment

The playground activities should be separated by age group to ensure safety of users. There must be separate portions for toddlers and pre-schoolers which ensures their safety with safety buckles and soft texture.

Inspection schedule: Regular inspection is essential to keep the playground fit to be used by kids. We advise weekly inspection to detect the hazards at the earliest.

Check before over crowded days such as; holidays, summer season etc.when there is a chance for heavy usage.


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