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Playground Ideas, Concepts and Evolution

March 31, 2017


Playground ideas, concepts and evolution

The most wonderful time in one’s life is the childhood, a span of time when most wonderful, powerful and life changing discoveries that accounts for the future is made. Every single human offspring is predisposed to explore and understand everything he comes across. In fact this curiosity and interest to explore and discover everything is a trait we share with our ancestors.

Research on human brain development states that it is not just education that initiates human brain development rather the quest for exploration and the pursuit for discovery that does the job. As a matter of fact, the interest for exploration and concern for discovery itself is what which commence the academic skill. Subsequently, there should be deliberate efforts to encourage interest for exploration, adventure and new discoveries from the very beginning, from childhood itself. So how can it be made possible?


At the beginning when the human life was on its way through the process of evolution, men use to engage in various games and activities that could enhance his physical skill. Nature itself was his first playground and the trees, mountains, animals and other enormous things in the nature were his play equipment. His struggle to live fighting against the powers of nature was the adventure he had and he enjoyed every bit of his life. In course of time everything changed, new way of life, habits development so and so. Now the need for play and games has become more concrete so is the play facilities. Playgrounds and play equipment has become civilized. Children’s parks have replaced the nature. Mountains, trees, animals and other things were substituted by swings, slides, climbers, tunnels and other play equipment. By and large the notion of playground got changed to more a comprehensive concept with various kinds of play equipment and activities.

Outdoor Playgrounds  

Outdoor playgrounds possess various kinds of play equipment to carter the physical and mental skill of children. The playground equipment are in fact designed after much research and studies so much so that it could satisfy the physical and mental development of the children. These playground equipment includes archetypal play facilities like swings, slides, merry go rounds, sea- saws as well as modern play equipment like multi-activity play systems that encompass various play activities, then climbers, different kinds of slides, monkey bars, play equipment cum body fitness equipment, rope courses, climbing walls, trampoline or jumping areas and lot more.

Indoor playgrounds 

Indoor playgrounds are the new trend. As the availability of space for outdoor parks and playgrounds are getting limited and of course the problem of extreme weather, indoor playgrounds are becoming more popular. Indoor playgrounds, as the name suggests can be built in indoor space and extreme climate doesn’t matter.

Structured indoor playgrounds can accommodate all the outdoor playground equipment and sometimes even more, because the outside weather is not going to affect the play equipment and there can be a special play area with soft toys for kids who always get marginalized while planning an outdoor playground. There can be separate play areas with arcade game machines, interactive game, trampoline park area or jumping areas, climbing area, ropes course etc. for adults as well.

Human kind emerged to be on top of evolution of species on earth probably due to his physical strength, his ability to hold things, stand up right, walk, climb and jump and use these features on his day life. It’s like a package of all physical skills plus a more developed brain that men possess and other species lacks. So, men need to develop these skills, and it should start from the childhood.


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