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How the playground can help your child’s development

December 31, 2018


We cannot always blame the junk food!!! Let’s bring playgrounds back to life!!

Despite being smart and intelligent our kids lag behind in physical and mental health. Outdoor play is surprisingly declining with the advent of video games and it is a truth that around 65% of today’s school children are suffering from obesity. Lack of physical activity is a major cause for majority of the diseases found in our children. 2019 kids are as busy as their parents. Their extra coaching classes and home works make them sit still, till 6pm or even longer!! The truth is that kids aren’t playing as much as their previous generations did. Studies show that social anxiety and aggressive behaviour found in kids are basically rooted in the lack of playtime.

How playground is connected to mental health?

Play has a crucial role in shaping a person’s character. Outdoor play helps to teach the basic do’s and don’ts in life. For instance, playing in a slide teaches kids to take turns, coordinate with their peers and co-operate. Play equipment manufacturers all across the globe design social play spaces that encourage interaction coordination and group play. Social interaction is crucial to improve communication and people skills. At play grounds children get a chance to meet new people and to play well also means to behave well with others.

  • Play teaches them to keep their mental strength. Kids learn to accept victory and failure equally. They also learn to resolve conflicts and be at peace with their peers.
  • Good manners and good habits can be cultivated when they play in groups.
  • Kids become more empathetic towards the needs of others and learn to support each other.
  • Natural playgrounds relieve them from the stress of the day! Outdoor play can be called an exercise in disguise.
  • The more complex play events like monkey bars, ninja climbing requires more concentration and this help them to balance their body. Healthy body is the perfect host for a healthy mind.
  • Playground will activate their mind and the active play time gives them a good sleep.

What all play events should be there in a playground?

Social play events

Play equipments which promote group play is a very happy add on to the play area. Kids need play equipment that encourages them to talk to each other support and have fun together. Merry go rounds, see-saws, circular swings are just a few among the list.

Solitary play events

Kids need to play alone at times and master the art of playing. This will improve their self-worth and they learn to be happy in achieving new skills. It would promote their curiosity and problem solving skills. Cross and zero puzzles, spring riders, climbers, slides are in this list.

Challenging play events

Kids are naturally curious and they would be happy to explore new heights. The challenging mini adventure activities in the kids play areas will boost their confidence and improve their physical strength. We can include climbers, monkey bars, scramblers, MFS adventure series to enrich the play spirit.

The possibilities of play- everywhere! Where else can we have playgrounds apart from schools?

Restaurants and Cafeteria

Let your little customers enjoy fun with food

Nowadays kid’s friendly restaurants have a major demand amongst families. It is true that, children go restless when the order demands a long waiting time or elders engage in small talks after food. There is no better way to keep the naughty ones in peace, than giving them a place to have fun. The interesting play equipment would engage the impatient kids without compromising their safety. It is so good to see children having fun after food. Our toddler play and kids play toys make your cafeteria/restaurant a palace of happiness.

Air ports

Creative airport play areas – turn their boredom into happy giggles

The unexpected waiting time in airports is exhausting for the little children; in such scenarios they need a creative and pleasurable break from boredom! The lazy waiting time can be transformed into fun time, by adding a mini kid’s amusement park inside the airport. There can also be a separate toddler play area which would be of great leisure for the kid as well as the caretaker. The innovative play options like interactive play would be a great idea, as the new arenas of fun would entertain adults also.


Hospital play area
No more tears no more fears…lets fill in happiness!!!!

The loud cries in the hospital corridors and fearful eyes in the injection room can be made to happy faces, if there is a scope for play!! The tiring waiting time can be transformed to a fun time! Play shares a good deal in the healing process too. It reduces the anxiety and stress of children during hospitalization. The hospital play area would be a relaxing experience for the kid as well as parents.

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