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Parks and Playground Provisions

May 19, 2017


Playing outdoor involves a multitude of ideas and activities for physical and mental development and provides a framework within which children can check their energy, skill, outdoor provision and environment. Outdoor play and parks has been ‘on’ across the globe from time immemorial. In the beginning educational institutions, nursery schools and government bodies has been seen as the main patrons of this secure outdoor playgrounds. The outdoor parks are incandescent learning platforms which cater for all children’s physical, mental, cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social needs. Outdoor Park entitles children free space, freedom, fresh air and time to work at their current interests.

Whatever it is extreme hot or freezing cold, lack of concern for the prevailing weather condition is obvious in children’s outdoor play. Hot summer or raining cats and dogs, children want to play outside. They seem to be in culmination with the nature, in fact the outdoor parks and playgrounds are instinctively a natural learning and teaching environment for young children and are one in which most children feel settled and capable.

Outdoor playground facility

Outdoor Park and playground recreation facilities provide families’ and children close-to-home, free or low-cost, readily available play areas with maximum play options and many a times a recreation zone best for evening walks and chit chats,  which therefore provide pleasurable physical activity opportunities and at also a social gathering.

Outdoor Parks and playground facilities are an important provider of physical activity for people of any age group. These opportunities are as diverse as work outs in outdoor gym equipment, mounting on a monkey climb, exploring any play equipment or descending on a slide.

Playground Promotion

We contend that, outdoor park and playground service providers should reinforce the slogan ‘Promote Health and Active Living’ and promote play options. Promotional campaigns should be enhanced on each level and the play options, parks and playground facilities has to be positioned as interesting, enjoyable, and accessible in terms of awareness, proximity, and low cost. There is a need to grow beyond the current promotional mix, which relies on public relations, and engage in community and nationwide advertising campaigns.

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