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Kids playground- Things to know before you begin play area business.

February 15, 2019


Children’s play area business is the rapidly growing business platform in India. The metropolitan cities in India have acknowledged play areas as a major business sector. The biggest advantage of the play station business is that, it can be set up along with one’s current business like shopping malls, textiles, jewelleries, apartments etc or there is a bigger scope for a stand-alone play area.

No.1 Know your space

Children’s play area can be set anywhere. The first thing you need to consider in building the play area is identifying the possibilities of your space. Kids play area structures can be customized to the given space. At Funriders, we offer mini-medium-large play area structures that cater to different spaces.

No.2 The age group of children

One of the key factors that decide the success of the play area is age appropriate play equipment. Toddlers and smaller kids must have a much softer and safer play element. Children’s play equipment manufacturers create separate sections in the same play area for younger children.

No.3 Find the right manufacturer

Kids play area is great revenue as well as a great responsibility. The quality and safety of the play equipment is equally important in this business. Finding the right manufacturer, which has a turnkey play solution, is the easiest way. This can help you in saving time and money by giving relevant suggestions and play area advice.

No.4 Indoor soft play area

The indoor soft play spaces is high on demand these days as the crèche facility that is provided as an add on is a boon for parents as well. The soft play centres can be set up along with the current business platform or it can be a stand-alone business as well. The play areas will be an add on revenue for Shopping malls, Apartments, textiles, air ports, restaurants, clubs, crèches and kindergartens.

No.4 Outdoor play area

The play areas in the natural open setting entertain all age groups. There can be an outdoor gym and recreational space for elders too! Consider the safety parameters when you construct the play area. The play equipment manufacturers provide on-site visit and free custom designs according to your play area specifications.

No.5 Fully customized play areas

One of the major advantage of play equipment business is that, the play areas can be customized according to the budget and play area specifications. The 3D designs can be created in any given theme and ideas.

Create your unique play area and enjoy everlasting happiness.

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