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Is your playground inclusive?

September 4, 2018


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Every child in the world has the right to play! Regardless of his or her colour, caste, gender or abilities all kids must have access to the playgrounds. The concept of inclusive playground comes from the realization that most of the outdoor playgrounds are unfit for children who are differently abled. Especially children with physical disabilities are having a hard time in the public playgrounds because most of them do not have accessible play equipment. Parents are also worried about the safety issues and they find it really worrisome to take differently abled kids to the outdoor parks.

The difficulties that differently abled children face in the usual parks are immense. They even find it very hard to find the play equipment that is fit for their ability. Overly speedy and jerky equipment is out of their wish list. Their accessibility is another question.

Creating a playground which is open to all is the new principle in kids amusement park construction. It focuses on:

  • wheel chair accessible play equipment
  • Wider platforms, surface grip
  • Safe and covered play equipment seats
  • Sensory play
  • Non- slippery platforms and equipment
  • Space for socializing
  • Inclusive play equipment designs
  • Accessible play area design

The accessible playgrounds can easily boost the self-confidence of children who are differently abled. Being able to play with other children empowers them and kids become active and social just in a couple of minutes. The children’s play equipment manufacturers give primary importance to safety and for the children who need extra care they can provide even more safer play options.

Creating a Playful Atmosphere

To build the most child friendly ambience the primary concern should be safety. The play area needs to be welcoming and encouraging. A well designed play area captures their heart and the ease of access to all rides make them feel comfortable.


Being able to play with other children is a confidence booster as well as a psychological support for differently abled kids. The primary goal of an inclusive playground is to get all children involved in play. The various inclusive play options like Multi play system, sensory play, cross and zero puzzles, covered swings etc can make wonderful smiles all around the playground.

Character development

It is very important to learn the primary lessons of companionship and cooperation in the playgrounds itself. Kids learn to empathize and support each other through play and the inclusive playgrounds can make the differently abled ones feel wanted and loved.

Cognitive and emotional development

The various play activities make children active and attentive. One hour free play can make huge impact on their daily schedules. The kids develop emotionally through peer support and play refreshes their mind and body. The play activities like musical and sensory play can encourage their creative spirit as well as ignite the five senses.

Physical and mental strength

Play is the work of the child. The energy releasing activities inside the play area is actually an exercise in disguise. Kids do not get tired by playing for long hours. For differently abled kids the multiple activities inside the play area will be relaxing than their usual exercise sessions.


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