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8 Things to consider when you construct an outdoor playground

May 29, 2018


Planning an Outdoor play area? We are here to help you out. Before initiating the playground manufacturing process, it is necessary to have a clear outline for the project. Having a general idea will help you decide which path to take your playground.
1. Know the end user of your project

Knowing the play demands of the end user, will help you in deciding the equipment. The play demands vary as kids grow up and you need to be thoughtful in choosing the right play equipment for your unique play area. For instance, a playground designed for a 5-year-old won’t appeal to a 12-year-old. The size, shape and level of adventure etc. of the play equipment are decided based on the age group.
2. Consider the space allotted for the playground.

One thing to keep in mind is that the playground area extends beyond the equipment itself. Creating a family space in the play area is an advantage. If you are planning the play area in a crowded town or city center make sure you create appropriate boundary wall to ensure safety.
If you are renovating existing equipment or adding features to a play area make sure the play area provides ample spacing in between the equipment.
3. Focus on your budget

Take a big-picture look at the project when you are putting together your budget. Costs involved in the playground planning process go beyond paying for the equipment and installers. You might also need to consider:
• The cost of permits
• The cost of preparing the site (such as improving its drainage or slope)
• The cost of supporting equipment such as new lighting
• The cost of the surfacing equipment
• The cost of shipping and installation of the playground equipment.
4. Safety inside the playground

When it comes to kid’s playground the primary concern should be safety. We cannot promise there will always be someone to watch over each and every child at a large playground. So safety inside the playground is the key factor in the business. All equipment must be inspected on a regular basis and proper care is to be given that may cater to the changing climatic conditions. Along with the age and ability levels of the children who will use the playground, another important factor involved in playground planning is to consider the number of kids who will use the equipment at a time. Consider giving barricades and border lines to each equipment in order to minimize the rush.
5. Security measures

The unexpected falls and injuries are always a headache amidst the happy play time. Be prepared for those careless jumps and crazy hits. Get your first aid box always ready and make sure that your playground has all the essential safety measures such as the fire extinguisher and other equipment that is required to ensure the overall security.
Be sure to provide required supervision and maintain a secured atmosphere. Make use of the technology, it is easier to access the CCTV that will provide a whole picture than to assume all is well with the world.
6. Natural elements

When you are setting the outdoor play area make sure it has the touch of nature. Retain the giant tree or the side bushes that may provide the cool ambience. Let our children bond with trees, grass, and flowers.
Shade: Make sure that your playground provides ample protection from sunlight. Construct canopies and umbrella covers, especially if there are no trees to provide natural shading.
7. Options for unstructured play

Make it a point that, your playground offer opportunities for creative playThrough each and every effort we strive to make our children more efficient to rule the world. Multi-purpose objects should be included in the play area which can be a long wooden piece which would serve as the boat or car in their imaginative world.
8. Other facilities

To ensure safety of the children, all areas of your playground should be properly surfaced. A variety of safety surfacing, including shredded rubber or bark and pea-gravel can be used to absorb shocks from falls. The depth of your safety surfacing should be checked regularly. Replace surfacing materials as needed. Make sure your outdoor play environment is accessible to children who are differently abled. Wash room and feeding room facilities should be included for a proper family friendly playground.

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