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5 Play ideas to make your kid smarter!!

May 15, 2018


5 Play ideas to make your kid smarter!!

Encourage. Appreciate. Inspire

Encourage free play; unstructured and unguided play activates the mind and kids become more creative by inventing new games. It is so important to highlight how significant play is in the development of children. Kids are naturally inquisitive and play encourages them to think outside the box and create their own world. Being allowed to run jump and play freely makes the kid feel energetic.

Gift your kid creative soft play toys. Buy them puzzle sets, building blocks that make them think and play at the same time. Researches have proved that children who play puzzle games are smarter than kids who play with computers.

Take your kid to the children’s park or kids play area where lot of children gather and let them find their way among other kids. Choosing the play equipment by their own helps to increase their self-worth and being amidst other kids help them in learning co-operation and people skills.

Appreciate pretend play; it helps in realizing the balance between fantasy and reality. It makes the child more active and expressive their by boosting the planning and organizational skills. Seemingly shy kids are often creative and they tend to have good observational skills. Let kids play like they wish and you may see wonders.

Allow time for self-exploration; give them blank paper, paints, scissors glue clay etc and make them use it as they wish. It stimulates imagination and kids get a chance to explore their perception of the world around them. Help them cultivate new hobbies and nurture their in born talents.


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